Fitrana in Pakistan (2024):

There are two main ways to determine your Fitrana amount:

By Food Staple: Traditionally, Fitrana is equivalent to the value of roughly 2 kilograms of a specific food item. Here’s what official rates have been set for:
Wheat Flour: Rs. 600 per person
Oats: Rs. 600 per person
Dates: Rs. 2,400 per person
Raisins: Rs. 4,400 per person
Cash Equivalent: This option simplifies the process by reflecting the current market value of the staple food. While there’s no official fixed amount, some organizations suggest:
£5 (British Pound) per person (roughly Rs. 1,200 at the current exchange rate)
Choosing Your Method:

Ultimately, the decision of which method and amount to use is yours. It’s recommended to consult with a local Imam or a reputable Islamic charity for specific guidance based on your circumstances.

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