Gold Prices in Pakistan Today (April 2nd, 2024)

Gold Prices in Pakistan Today (April 2nd, 2024)

Current Rate

The current price of 24-karat gold in Pakistan is approximately Rs 233,574 per tola. This information is based on data collected on April 2nd, 2024, and may vary slightly depending on the time of day and the specific source.

Market Fluctuations

Gold prices in Pakistan are subject to change throughout the day. Global market trends, particularly fluctuations in the US dollar value, can significantly impact local gold prices. Additionally, there may be slight variations depending on the city you’re in.

Where to Find the Most Up-to-Date Rates

For the most accurate information on today’s gold rate per tola in your specific location, it’s recommended to consult local gold merchants and jewelers. Many websites, such as and, also provide frequently updated gold price listings for different Pakistani cities.

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