Unleash Your Passion for Teaching! Exciting Opportunities at District Public School & College, Kasur

Hey there, education enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into a world of knowledge-sharing and academic growth? The District Public School & College in Officer’s Colony, Kasur, is opening its doors to dedicated educators who are ready to make a real impact. If you’re passionate about teaching and want to be a part of an esteemed institution, this might just be your golden ticket. Check out the exciting vacancies below and get ready to embark on a rewarding teaching journey!

Teaching Talents Wanted: Your Path to Excellence

Male Teachers: Nurturing Minds, Shaping Futures

Mathematics Magic-Makers (5th to 8th Classes)

Are you a math whiz with a knack for making numbers come alive? We’re on the lookout for dynamic male teachers who can turn complex math concepts into engaging lessons. If you hold a BS/B.Sc in Mathematics, a B.Ed, and boast 3.5 years of experience from a renowned Public School, you could be the mentor our students need! With a Grade Pay of 06 and a sweet Rs. 25,000/- salary package, it’s time to add up your teaching dreams.

Scientific Explorers (5th to 8th Classes)

Calling all science aficionados! If you’ve got a BS/B.Sc under your belt, along with a B.Ed and 3.5 years of experience from a top-tier Public School, we want you. Bring your passion for scientific discovery to our students and ignite their curiosity. A Grade Pay of 06 and a salary package of Rs. 25,000/- await the chosen ones who can make science truly spellbinding.

Language Luminaries (5th to 8th Classes)

Are you a wordsmith with a love for Urdu, English, or Pak Studies? We need male teachers who can make language and history come alive in the classroom. With a BS/M.A (Urdu/English/Pak Studies), a B.Ed, and 3.5 years of teaching experience at a prestigious Public School, you can inspire a new generation. A Grade Pay of 06 and a salary of Rs. 25,000/- are ready to welcome you aboard!

English Enthusiasts (5th to 8th Classes)

Got a passion for the English language? Our students are waiting for someone like you! If you’ve got a BS/M.A in English, a B.Ed, and 3.5 years of teaching experience at a reputable Public School, then you’re exactly who we need. With a Grade Pay of 06 and a salary package of Rs. 25,000/-, it’s time to share your linguistic expertise.

Female Teachers: Shaping Minds with Grace and Knowledge

Computer Science Queens (Senior Classes)

Ladies who code, we’ve got a spot for you! If you’re an M.Sc/BS in Computer Science with 3.5 years of teaching experience at a respected Public School or College, you’re exactly who we’re looking for. Come help our senior students conquer the world of technology. With a Grade Pay of 07 and a salary of Rs. 35,000/-, it’s time to code your way to success!

Physical Education Pioneers (Junior Classes)

Are you a fitness fanatic who can inspire young minds to stay active? If you hold a Diploma in Physical Education and have 3.5 years of experience from a renowned Public School, you could be our next PE hero! Join us in nurturing healthy habits and leading the way in physical education. With a Grade Pay of 06 and a salary of Rs. 25,000/-, you can be the role model our students need.

Language Guardians (Junior Classes)

Do you have a way with words? We need female teachers who can make Urdu and English come alive for our junior students. If you’ve got an MS/BS/M.A in Urdu or English, a B.Ed, and 3.5 years of teaching experience at a prestigious Public School, then we want you on our team. A Grade Pay of 06 and a salary package of Rs. 25,000/- await the language-loving legends!

Calling All Teaching Titans: Junior Classes

From English to Urdu and General Science to Mathematics, our junior classes need dedicated educators who can ignite young minds. If you’re armed with the right qualifications – like a BS/M.A/B.Sc/B.Ed and 3.5 years of experience from a reputable Public School – then you’re in the running for a Grade Pay of 06 and a salary of Rs. 25,000/-. Join us in shaping the future, one lesson at a time.

Fueling Excellence: How to Apply

Ready to take the plunge? Here’s how you can join the District Public School & College family:

  1. Application Download: Visit the NTS website (www.nts.org.pk) to snag the application form. Get ready to showcase your qualifications and dedication!
  2. Document Submission: Fill out the application form, attach attested copies of your documents, the prescribed test fee in favor of NTS, a copy of your CNIC, and two snazzy photographs. Send it all via courier to the address mentioned on the application form.
  3. Test Fee: Head to a nominated bank branch and pay the test fee using the bank challan attached to the application form. You can download this from the NTS website.
  4. Deadline: Mark your calendar! The last day to submit your application to NTS is 25-08-2023. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.
  5. Roll Call: Keep an eye on your mailbox – NTS will dispatch your Roll No. Slip, complete with test date, time, and test center details, at least a week before the big day. Can’t wait? You can also grab it from the NTS website. Plus, check out the sample paper for some prep.
  6. Experience Bonus: If you’re a seasoned educator, your experience could give you an edge and a bit of a bonus. We appreciate your dedication!
  7. Note to Ex-Teachers: Sorry, but if you’ve previously taught at DPS, you won’t be eligible to apply for these advertised posts.
  8. Age Limit: Keep in mind that the maximum age limit is 40 years. Let’s keep that youthful energy going!
  9. Next Steps: Only those who make the shortlist will be called in for interviews. Time to shine, future teachers!

In a Nutshell

Here’s the scoop, folks. District Public School & College in Kasur is on the hunt for exceptional educators who can light up the classroom and guide students on their educational journeys. From mathematics to languages, sciences to physical education, there’s a spot for you to make a difference. If you’re ready to shape the minds of tomorrow and share your expertise, it’s time to apply!

Remember, no matter where you are on your teaching journey, your passion and dedication can make all the difference. So don’t hold back – this could be the

start of a fantastic chapter in your teaching career. Good luck, future mentors!

Yours in Education,
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