TEVTA Lahore Jobs 2023

TEVTA Lahore Jobs 2023 – Visiting Teacher Opportunities

The Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan has opened exciting employment prospects, as of August 11, 2023. This announcement, featured prominently in the esteemed Roznama 92 News daily, sheds light on a range of positions available within the organization. With roles spanning across various disciplines, TEVTA is seeking Lecturers for subjects including Management, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, English, Islamiat, and Physics. Additionally, the organization is on the lookout for Instructors specializing in HVACR, Auto Diesel, and Architecture.

Exploring the Opportunities

TEVTA’s commitment to providing quality education and vocational training is evident in its search for skilled individuals to fill these pivotal roles. The authority recognizes the significance of specialized knowledge in each of these domains. By offering these positions, TEVTA aims to enhance the quality of education and training provided to students, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills that the job market demands.

Diverse Educational Backgrounds

Prospective candidates for these positions are expected to possess a diverse range of educational backgrounds. TEVTA values the importance of well-rounded expertise and encourages applications from candidates who hold a variety of qualifications. Among the preferred educational backgrounds for these positions are:

  • M.com (Master of Commerce)
  • BS in Engineering (Bachelor of Science in Engineering)
  • BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science)
  • M.sc (Master of Science)
  • MA (Master of Arts)
  • B.E (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Other Bachelor’s degrees

This inclusive approach to educational qualifications allows TEVTA to tap into a pool of talent with varying perspectives and insights, contributing to a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Applying for TEVTA Opportunities

Aspiring candidates seeking to seize these remarkable teaching opportunities at TEVTA can access the detailed job advertisement online. The advertisement provides comprehensive information about the application process, eligibility criteria, and the specific requirements for each position. By meticulously reviewing the advertisement, potential candidates can ensure that their applications are aligned with TEVTA’s expectations.


TEVTA’s announcement of job openings for visiting teachers presents an exciting avenue for individuals passionate about education and vocational training. By seeking skilled individuals across multiple disciplines, TEVTA demonstrates its dedication to fostering a well-rounded learning experience for its students. With a commitment to diversity and a focus on quality education, TEVTA’s endeavors are set to shape the future of vocational training in Lahore.


1. Can candidates apply for multiple positions within TEVTA?
Absolutely, candidates can apply for multiple positions based on their qualifications and expertise.

2. Are these positions contract-based or permanent?
The job opportunities at TEVTA are usually contract-based, subject to renewal based on performance and organizational needs.

3. How can I access the detailed job advertisement online?
To access the detailed job advertisement and learn about the application process, eligibility criteria, and requirements, visit the official TEVTA website.

4. What is the significance of TEVTA’s emphasis on diverse educational backgrounds?
TEVTA recognizes that diverse educational backgrounds bring varied perspectives and insights, enriching the overall learning experience for students.

5. What is the deadline for submitting applications?
The application deadlines for TEVTA job opportunities are typically mentioned in the job advertisement. It’s crucial to adhere to these deadlines for consideration._