Solved Short Question

Q :  Quaid e Azam Militants attacked Residency in:

Answer: Quaid e Azam militants attacked residency in Ziarat.

Q: Who is the founder of WhatsApp ?

Answer: The founder of whatsapp Brain Action and Jan Koum

Q: What is PI digital currency ?

Answer: PI is a new cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency are a new form of digital money .

Q: Who Invented WWW (World Wide Web ?

Answer: Tim Berners -Lee was invented www in 1990.

Q : When happened App 11 Land on the Moon ?

Answer : 20th July 1969 .

Q :Name of City do Beatles come from .

Answer: Liver Pool

Q: What is amazon ?

Answer : Amazon is a American multinational company based in Washington focus on e commerce’s .

Q : What is OLX ?

Answer : OLX Mean Online exchange .OLX make easy to connect people sell and buy things .

Q: Which is the longest river in the world?

Answer: Nile

Q: How Many votes did PM Imran Khan get in vote of confidence ?

Answer: He got 176 votes

Q: Name of Pakistani woman honored with IBM ” highest prestigious award¬†” in 2019 beat ?

Answer: Asma Zaheer honored IBM ” Highest prestigious awarded .