Sindh Government Is Going To Launch Mazdoor Card For Its Working Class

Recently Sindh Govt. is taking a new step to develop their workers. Sindh Govt. is going to Launch Mazdoor Card for their poor Laborers. The Purpose of Mazdoor Card is to provide different benefits to the labor class. According to Labor Minister of Sindh, Saeed Ghani the launching of Mazdoor Card is to facilitate all the worker class of Sindh. He says that this smart card is being developed by the cooperation of NADRA. There are many benefits of Mazdoor card such as Heath facilities, educational facilities for the worker and his family, marriage grants and scholarships will be provided.

Advantages of Mazdoor Card:

There are many benefits shown below of Mazdoor Card

  • Sindh Govt. will provide free Medical facility to eligible candidate and his family.
  • Eligible candidate will be given financial help at the time of marriage.
  • Children of poor families will be provided educational scholarships.
  • Financial help will be provided to the survivors even after death.
  • Many special concessions will be given in housing scheme by Sindh Govt.

How to Apply for Mazdoor Card:

There are two following ways to apply for Mazdoor card. Registration will start online and offline in August 2022. The candidates who want to apply for the Mazdoor Card, they can apply on it online on the web page of Mazdoor Card. The process of application will be soon shown on the web page. And for those candidates who do not know how to apply online they can apply offline through application form. The application form will also be soon shown on the web page of Mazdoor Card.  

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