Punjab Police Special Branch Programmer Position

In the dynamic realm of law enforcement technology, the Punjab Police Special Branch is on the lookout for a skilled Programmer to join its team. This article delves into the requirements and nuances of this exciting opportunity, ensuring you are well-prepared to seize it.

Qualifications That Set You Apart

Mastering the Digital Landscape

Embark on this journey by possessing a Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology from a Higher Education Commission-recognized university. Alternatively, a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from a similarly accredited institution is also a key to unlocking this opportunity.

Experience Matters

But education alone won’t suffice. You need a minimum of one year’s hands-on experience in programming to showcase your practical prowess. This experience must follow the completion of your prescribed qualifications.

Note for the Wise

Private sector experience isn’t disregarded; however, it must be from an entity registered with SECP, Registrar of Firms, or any other Regulatory Authority.

The Challenge: Written Examination

Once you’ve met the prerequisites, the path to becoming a Punjab Police Special Branch Programmer includes a one-paper Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Type Written Test. Clocking in at 90 minutes and carrying a weightage of 100 Marks, this test is your gateway.

Syllabus Unveiled

1. Qualification Mastery (80%)

The majority of the questions will revolve around your core qualifications, ensuring you’re not just educated but proficient.

2. General Ability (20%)

Diversify your preparation to encompass General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Geography, English, Basic Mathematics, Urdu, and Everyday Science. A holistic understanding is the key.

Demographics and Posting

Gender Equality

This opportunity extends to all genders—Male, Female, and Transgender. The age criteria are as follows:

  • Male: 21 to 35 years
  • Female: 21 to 38 years

Transgender applicants’ age and sex determination will align with the information on their CNIC.

Domicile and Posting

The opportunity spans across the entire Punjab region, making it an inclusive endeavor. The designated posting location is the Special Branch Headquarters in Lahore.

Time-Bound Contract: Extend Your Impact

This Programmer position operates on a contract basis for three years, with the possibility of extension. As you embark on this journey, consider it not just as a job but as an opportunity to shape the technological landscape of Punjab’s law enforcement.

In conclusion, the Punjab Police Special Branch Programmer position beckons those with a blend of education, experience, and a diverse skill set. Prepare diligently, for this isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to contribute significantly to the digital evolution of law enforcement in Punjab

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