Prostate Cancer as the most common type of Cancer and second leading cause of cancer death in men

Introduction of the disease:

                Cancer is a disease which is produced due to the uncontrolled production, growth and spread of abnormal and unnecessary cells. As everyone knows that a human body is consists billions of cells which reproduce themselves. Occasionally it happens that some abnormal cells spread too quickly, that such a rapid spreading of cells abnormally cause to produce tumor. Some tumors are noncancerous which are called benign tumors, and other tumors are cancerous tumors which are called malignant. Malignant tumors cause cancerous tumors.

Prostate Cancer:

                Prostate cancer is the modern type of cancer which is more dangerous and more fetal than others. Prostate cancer occurs in prostate. In males prostate is walnut shaped gland which creates sperms and transport them. Generally some types of prostate cancer grow slowly and are confined to prostate gland, where they can not cause any serious problem. More is that they needs minimal or even no treatment. But other types of prostate cancer are hostile and can spread quickly. When is still confined to prostate it can be successfully treated easily.

Symptoms of Prostate cancer:

  • Blood in urine
  • Decreased force in stream of urine
  • Bone pain
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Difficulty in excretion of urine
  • Losing of weight
  • Blood in semen

Risks of Prostate Cancer:

There are many risk of prostate cancer, some are shown below.

  • Prostate cancer can be sever with increasing of age, and increase most after age of 50.
  • Obesity and fatness is another cause of risk of prostate cancer. It is said that those people who have their weight heavy or they are fat, cancer is more likely to be aggressive in them.
  • People of black color and races can have more risks of prostate cancer instead of people of other races.
  • Family background is very important for that. If a blood relative suffering from prostate cancer or one of ancestors suffered from prostate cancer it is more likely have such disease in next race.

How to Prevent From Prostate Cancer:

There are some instructions by acting on someone can save himself cancer or avoid from the risks of cancer.

  • Healthy weight is very important to lessen the risks of prostate cancer. One should keep it healthy and maintain it. To keep ones weight healthy one should eat pure and fresh food and should do daily exercise.
  • Healthy diet is also very important. Eat variety of fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables have multi vitamins and nutrients which are essential and beneficent for health.
  • Exercise is another good thing to maintain health. Daily exercise makes a man healthy over all and keeps him from diseases.
  • Weekly or monthly check up is more important. One should keep inspection of his health. One should visit a doctor or physician on weekly or monthly basis to check up his health. Because it is necessary and useful to check up himself. It saves you from serious health problems.

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