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Willing candidate can apply vacant post these vacant post get advertisement for Daily nawaiwaqt University of veterinary and animal science UAS jobs 2023 willing candidate can sent their application via online official website .

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In the dynamic world of scientific research, a unique opportunity has arisen for qualified and dedicated individuals. The KBCMA CVAS, Narowal, invites online applications for the position of a Research Associate on a purely contract basis. This article explores the details of this exciting opportunity, shedding light on the qualifications, terms, and the overarching research project.
2. Position Overview
The Research Associate position holds a crucial role in the execution of the Research Project. Understanding the responsibilities and expectations is vital for potential candidates.
3. Contractual Basis and Salary Package
Explore the contractual terms and the competitive consolidated salary package of Rs.40,000/= per month, fixed for the duration of the contract.
4. Research Project: “Development and evaluation of a rapid, low-cost, antigen detection and serotyping LFIA diagnostic kit for FMDV”
Dive into the specifics of the groundbreaking research project, emphasizing its importance in the field of veterinary medicine.
5. Location: KBCMA CVAS, Narowal
Discover the unique setting of the research endeavor and the facilities provided by KBCMA CVAS in Narowal.
6. Qualifications Required
Unveil the academic and professional qualifications necessary for aspiring candidates to be considered for this position.
7. Terms and Conditions
Delve into the terms and conditions that applicants must be aware of before submitting their applications.
8. Application Process
A step-by-step guide to the application process, ensuring candidates are well-informed and ready to apply.
9. Deadline for Applications
Highlight the crucial timeline for submission, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the deadline.
10. Importance of the Research Project
Explore why the research project holds significance in the broader context of veterinary science and disease detection.
11. The Significance of Antigen Detection in FMDV
Understand the critical role antigen detection plays in diagnosing Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV).
12. Challenges and Innovations in LFIA Diagnostics
Examine the challenges faced and innovations introduced in the development of LFIA diagnostic kits.
13. Impact on Veterinary Medicine
Discuss the potential impact of the research project on advancing veterinary medicine and disease control.
14. The Role of Research Associates
Gain insights into the responsibilities and contributions expected from Research Associates in the project.