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Higher Education Pakistan

In this post we discuss about higher education system all public and private universities ,colleges offer graduate degree and undergraduate degree. HEC the system is regulated by the Higher Education commission ,Which is responsible for policies ,regulation institute accrediting programs.

Numbering of university in Pakistan are over 180 ,institute, university, degree ,85 public and 95 private institute .Public university are funded by Govt and generally offer lower tuition fees, while private university are funded by private individuals or organization .

Prestigious Universities In Pakistan

The most prestigious university in Pakistan are Nust ,National University of Science and Technology ,Lahore University of Management science (LUMS) ,Quaid I Azam University ,and the University of the Punjab.

HEC University Pakistan

Current year ,Pakistan has made significant progress access Higher Education ,In year 2002 increase .4 million to over 2 million by 2020.Many University face resource constraints and struggle to provide quality education ,while low income student lack access to financial aid and face barriers to enrollment .
Recent year ,including increasing funds to expand access to higher education for underprivileged student.

Top University In Pakistan

Pakistan made significant progress in the field of higher education over the year .So Pakistan has a large number of University ,Some of the Top University in Pakistan Include UET,NUST,Univesity of Punjab, Quaid E Azam .
The Higher Education Commission is the main regulatory body for higher education in Pakistan. Pakistan is also home to several prestigious professional education institution Such as Aga Khan University ,Lahore School of Economics , and the National College of Arts.
Another issue Face higher Education in Pakistan is the relatively low enrollment rate.