ASF Roll No Slip 2023 Insights


Embarking on a career with the Airports Security Force (ASF) demands securing your Roll No Slip for the impending physical and written evaluations. This pivotal document is now accessible for download at To aid you in your preparations, we offer comprehensive guidance on effortlessly obtaining your ASF Roll No Slip 2023.

Obtaining Your ASF Roll No Slip 2023

  1. Navigate to the Official Website: Visit the official portal for the Airports Security Force at
  1. Specify Your Applied Post: Clearly identify the precise post you have applied for. This ensures the issuance of the appropriate Roll No Slip tailored to your designated position.
  2. Enter Your CNIC Number: Accurately provide your CNIC number to expedite the process.

Key Dates to Remember

The physical test for Airports Security Force positions is slated for the 10th of September, 2023. Make certain to mark this date on your calendar and undertake any necessary preparations.

Punctual Release of Test Slips

ASF is committed to affording candidates ample time for thorough preparation. Typically, test slips are made available 10 to 15 days in advance of the scheduled evaluation date. This proactive approach empowers candidates to dedicate time to their studies and physical conditioning.

Preview of the ASF Written Test Recruitment 1278 (2023)

For those eagerly anticipating the ASF Written Test Recruitment 1278 (2023), the initiation date is looming on the horizon. Stay vigilant for updates and announcements on the official ASF platforms.

Anticipating the FPSC Written Test Date 2023

Prospective candidates for Airports Security Force ASF Jobs under the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Written Test Date for 2023. Keep a watchful eye on official channels for the latest updates.

In Conclusion

Securing your ASF Roll No Slip 2023 marks the initial stride toward a promising career with the Airports Security Force. Adhere to the steps delineated above to ensure you are well-prepared for both the physical and written assessments. Armed with timely information and ample preparation time, you are poised for success in this pivotal endeavor. Best of luck!